footbridge over Nailbourne (JCT)
St Peter's church viewed from the lane (JCT)
map by pamela rees
Created by Jill Thomas 2014 - images copyright of the owners as noted in the alternative text
In 2008 we underook a project to record and map all the gravestones in the churchyard of St Peter's.

We worked round the churchyard and created two databases: one for the older part of the churchyard which surrounds the church - sections A-H; the other for the new part to the south-west of the church which was brought into use in 1920 - sections J-L - this includes the Garden of Remembrance created in 2003 - section Z.
The two databases are presented here as Excel spreadsheets for family historians to use. Local historian, Mark Jopling, has researched the First World War Memorial and his pdf file is also available to download.
Plan showing how the churchyard is divided for plotting the graves